Album of the Week - Camper Van Beethoven's New Roman Times - Thursday, March 17


CVB cover art

This week’s album of the week will be Camper Van Beethoven’s New Roman Times.  A true concept album, New Roman Times was the band’s 2004 reunion/comeback record after having been dormant for 14 years.  The concept was strange (what would you expect from CVB?), but intriguing, involving a plot about a fictional America divided into smaller republics (most notably the secular Republic of California and the Fundamentalist Christian Republic of Texas) that are at war with one another.  The band employs some none-too-disguised political jabs as well as indulges their taste for 1970s-style prog rock, mixed with Middle Eastern melodies and ska-based rhythms...All in all, a very fitting selection for KDRT’s Album of the Week in this very lively election season.  Dug Deep hosts this edition of Album of the Week.

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