Album Review: Gon' Boogaloo by C.W. Stoneking


Gon' Boogaloo

Gon' Boogaloo is the third original album from Australian blues artist C.W. Stoneking. Record in only two days, the albums sound hearkens back to the swing and blues music of the 1950s, including artists like Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly. The production is refreshingly straightforward, refusing to complicate itself with fancy or exprimental production techniques, allowing Stoneking's gravelly voice and blues guitar to standout with none of the cluttered and overproduced sound that haunts much of contemporary music. Part of the album's appeal is the refusal to be trendy, instead being unapologetically and uncompromisingly original and old fashioned. Standout tracks on the album include the frantic and energetic "The Jungle Swing" and "Tomorrow Gon' Be Too Late," a relaxed and introspective blues tune. Overall, C.W. Stoneking continues to impress with his blues skill and sensibility, making music that will delight fans of old school blues and roots music.


I first heard Stoneking on Jools Holland a few years was so different. I loved it. I've listened to this new album only once so far, but plan on many more spins. So refreshing that he's bringing back old school roots-blues. 

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