That's Margie Adam, Music and Essays


Margie Adam in 2000


Do you know the music of Margie Adam?  She is one of my favorite musicians!  Singer -- songwriter -- pianist -- activist -- feminist ...  the list keeps growing.   Did you know that she lived in Davis in the 1970s?  I had the pleasure of meeting her then, carrying her very first album in my store (Davis Wo/men's Book), and watching her career take off.  She moved from Davis to the Bay Area long ago and toured for many years before changing gears in 2015 to do integrative counseling. 

Today' program featured pieces from middle years.  Albums include  -- "Soon and Again", and "Another Place" -- interspersed with readings from her journal/blog, starting in1998.  More about Margie can be found at  (for music and activism) and at (for counseling profession).

This is 'part 2' of a 3-part series.

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