That's Life, That's Water


Sac River Watershed

That's Life. That's Water and Soil!

Understanding our water -- where it comes from , where it goes, how it's used, and by whom -- is a vital to knowing what to expect in the future.  Understanding how our soils were formed and how the various soil types interact with that water is the basis for many of our gardening and farming decisions. 

Davis is in the Sacramento River watershed.  It was either marsh or grasslands before Europeans arrived.  Because we had annual flooding, our rivers and creeks developed natural levees which overtopped each year and deposited gravel, sand, silt, and clay on the surrounding land -- the lighter particles travelling further than the heavier material.  So your yard might be sandy-loam, silty-loam, or clay-loam -- depending on where in the county you live.

Soils and water and other things are part of this episode, talking here to guest Don Shor (of Davis Garden Show fame!) about so many things we don't have time for there.

-- Lois Richter,

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