That's Jean Minton's All the Sweeter

Jean Minton is another local author and her book is called "All the Sweeter: Parents Share Their Stories of Adopting from Foster Care".  

Adopting children who are in foster care is not a new concept.  This book, however, describes what the current practices are.  County governments partner with many other non-profit organizations who also help facilitate adoptions for children who will not be going back to their own families.  Jean did lots of research about US foster-adoptions and interviewed many families aaround the country to create her book which tells each family's unique story.

Jean shares with us stories of twelve different parent/child/family situation. This book is useful for ALL PARENTS, whether their children are adopted or not.   More info about her book is at: 

(Photo Credit: Diana Miller Photography)


Nice interview, (lacks heart, and the juicy questions). Jean has honarable intentions, I would have liked to know if Jean "walks the talk". Is she a foster parent? Has she adopted? WHat is her experience?

Good, nice, interview, wish you would have asked the juicy questions. Is Jean a foster parent? Has Jean adopted? Seems Jean knows alot of process, would have been nice to know more about the emotional journey, or what is the real source. And what next? Still honerable effort!

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