Talking frauds and scams with Davis attorney Elaine Roberts Musser

yolo archiveFraud, online and otherwise, exists in Davis as it does anywhere. But the local experience isn’t always the same as it is in other places--for one thing, two years ago our town was visited by the ”Crying Girl.” Low-crime Davis also views itself as a positive, can-do town, which can have a lulling effect. Today's guest is Elaine Roberts Musser, shown here, a Davis attorney who specializes in consumer protection and law concerning the elderly. She mentions Crying Girl, talks about fraud of different kinds (including consumer and cyber), explains why she doesn’t bank online, discusses why seniors are prone to fraud (some are just lonely and welcome the contact), lists reasonable measures to protect yourself, and more.


So informative and helpful in a practical way. I do volunteer work with seniors and this is excellent information to share with the individuals I see. Excellent topic!

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