New Davis theater group opens with a ghost story, 'Woman in Black’

yolo archiveToday’s guests are Brianna Owens (far left) and Steph Hankinson from Common House Productions, a new theater troupe that is producing its first show, "The Woman in Black," in Davis. The play will debut at 8 p.m. on Halloween, in what they describe as a "huge, really creepy" backyard with a campfire pit on Loyola, and run through Nov. 11. Owens and Hankinson, vets of local theater who met at Sacramento State, are co-directing the play. On Davisville they talk about "The Woman in Black," their plans for Common House, why they created a new theater company, the co-operative structure of their enterprise, why they opened with a strong narrative story where the sound is a defining part of the experience, and what they’d like to do next.

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