Jan Conroy, an Aggie for nearly 40 years

Every summer, thousands of people depart UC Davis. Most are graduating students, but summer is a common season for retirements too, and this year that group includes Jan Conroy. He spent nearly 40 years at UC Davis, first as a student (class of 1977, bachelor’s degree in design) and then as an employee. His final job was executive director for University Communications. He saw countless changes and presided over some, particularly in publications and especially in the UC Davis Magazine. He helped design the first issue in 1983 and has contributed to every issue since. It reaches more than 230,000 people, making it easily the largest publication to come out of Davis. On Davisville today we talk about the changes during his long career as an Aggie, at the campus, in media, and in Davis itself, where he lived for several years before enrolling at UC Davis.


I'm Jans stepson Steve. My daughter Dovlynn just sent this to me. Was so warm to hear his voice, a staple for me since I was 10 year old or so. Anyway - thanks much.


thank you for keeping this interview in the archives. It is such a sweet experience to hear Jan’s voice.

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