The Golden Road Jul 25th, 2010


Hey Now Rod,
I really dug listening to your show this week. Nice set of music!

I couldn't help notice, as I have in the past, that the chord progression on "Spanish Jam" is the same as on Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. Just as the Dead were influenced by Miles Davis, they also cross pollinated with their SF contemporaries such the J.A. Would it be blasphemy to say that perhaps when they launch into this jam it is a tip of the hat to their old friends from across the Panhandle?

Just saying....

Keep up the soarin' vibes and stay kind,
Doc Strangely Strange

Interesting thought, Doc...I like the way you think!

From a historical perspective, "Sketches of Spain" was released in 1960. And both the Dead and the Airplane really began to spread their wings around 1966ish. So the wonderful sounds found on Davis' album had time to percolate into the minds of the then young & impressionable musicians. So given the fact that both groups lived in about the same neighborhood, hung out together, and made & recorded music together would support the notion of the "Spanish Rabbit Jam" trail.

Even better, you have introduced a perfect idea for our next collaboration...why I can hear a cross-fade calling on a future edition of the Magical Golden Road (aka Golden Music Box)!


Here is an interesting link regarding the song- some uncredited claims that back up what you both are talking about:

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