Gene Parsons, part of the Byrds from 1968-72, on Davisville

Gene Parsons, who has lived in Mendocino for years, played Davis in 1987 at the Palms when it was located in southeast Davis. The audience was small, but his playing was stellar, and in 2009 I asked him for an interview for Davisville. The original interview got deleted from the KDRT archives, so we played it again in late 2009. Parsons, one of two latter-day members of the band still alive--three original members are also still with us--discusses the band, his music, and--among other things--the scale steam engine he's building.


I think what host Bill Buchanan is trying to say at the 15:45 mark is that Gene was an innovator in his music career, if not so famous. -- Dan Sebald

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