Former Davisite, author Peter Grandbois, featured on Davisville


Author Peter Grandbois, formerly of Davis, returns to “Davisville” this month. Grandbois, now an assistant professor of creative writing and contemporary literature at Denison University in Ohio, read from his new book at the Avid Reader on Picnic Day. Called Nahoonkara and set in 19th century Wisconsin and Colorado, it presents dozens of characters but focuses on three brothers as they work to remake their lives. On “Davisville,” he also discusses how the places where he has lived show up in his work, and looks ahead to his next projects, including a book told from the perspective of the creature in the 1950s science-fiction movie “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.”


ALSO: Here's the link to Peter Grandbois' earlier appearance on Davisville, in October 2009

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