Davisville, Sept. 12, 2022: Searching deepest space, while working from Davis

In a remote Chilean desert, the Giant Magellan Telescope Organization is building a huge telescope that promises to see deeper into space than any optical telescope now existing. The work involves five countries and more than a dozen leading universities and institutes — and the president of the nonprofit that’s building it, Robert Shelton, lives in Davis. He joins us today on Davisville to talk about this huge new eye on the distant reaches of space and what it might show us, like whether we’re alone in the universe.

(The rendering depicts the Giant Magellan Telescope, now being built in Chile.)


Exciting that we are on the verge of opening another big window into the universe!   Great that the person leading this effort Dr. Shelton is one of our neighbours in Davis.  He should give an evening talk that is open the community, maybe at the high school.  Thanks  Bill Buchanan for this excellent interview.

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