Davisville, Sept. 23, 2019: Growing older in Yolo

Older in Yolo word cloud.png

Older in Yolo, a word cloud

If you follow the news, you know that the population is aging and changing as more people live longer--and that baby boomers want more from their senior years than previous generations expected. Our guests today talk about the demographic trend and some of the effects we're already seeing in Davis and Yolo County: Christi Skibbins, executive director of Meals on Wheels in Yolo County, and Sheila Allen, executive director of the Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance.


Thank you Sheila and Christi for a very interesting discussion.  I especially liked Christi's comments about how the Davis Senior Center is designed for a different "customer" than today's boomers who are seniors or are soon to be. 

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