Davisville, Oct. 24, 2022: A new way to deal with all the surplus stuff in Davis

Old rooftop TV antennas can become shovel handles. Discarded bedframes can be feedstock. Owners of balky vacuum cleaners can learn how to maintain them, instead of trash them. Boomers with a house full of unwanted possessions can get advice on handing them off to new uses. Community Mercantile, a new nonprofit store stocked with re-used items that offers this kind of serious recycling to the town, has its grand opening this Sunday, Oct. 30. Today on Davisville, we talk with co-founders Larry Fisher and Stephanie Koop about what they’re doing, and why.


Great that they are doing this. Want to also encourage people to plug into existing Buy Nothing Project Davis  Facebook groups. We have five here. East, South, North, West, Central.  Everything offered on Buy Nothing is free. There is also another free sharing Facebook group called Davis Fair and Free.  

Thanks for your coverage and Kudos to Larry and Stephanie!

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