Davisville, Nov. 9, 2020: Student-run KDVS plans a future without Freeborn

Inside KDVS (photo from UC Davis Magazine).png

Inside KDVS (photo from UC Davis Magazine)

KDVS, the University of California Davis radio station run by students, is at a crossroads. It’s the last occupant of Freeborn Hall, and must move. It’s coping with a pandemic that has reduced access to its studio. Technology and patterns of how students listen to music has changed tremendously since the station began in the 1960s, so that’s another factor. And mixed in with all that is its legacy of decades as a voice for music and ideas that reflect the interests of UC Davis students. Today we talk with Noel Fernandez, the general manager of KDVS and a UC Davis senior, about where the station is headed.


Thank you very much for bringing the KDVS story to Davisville!  


I was surprised that you must vacate the premises.  Why is that?





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