Davisville, Nov. 23, 2020: Movies and the pandemic, with Davis critic Derrick Bang

Derrick 1 Nov 2020.jpg

Derrick Bang during the backyard recording session

Even though the pandemic has closed theaters in Davis for most of 2020, we’re still presenting our annual movie show with Davis film critic Derrick Bang—even if only to learn what has survived the dislocations of the year. Derrick writes reviews for the Davis Enterprise and his blog, Derrick Bang on Film. We talk about how the pandemic has affected movie-making and his job as a critic, the films still coming out at what would normally be a big time of the year, and films he’s looking forward to. Because movies reflect the culture, I also asked him to list a few movies about pandemics, such as The Omega Man and Andromeda Strain.


Uniquely in my experience, the voice of the host and interviewee were so similar in timbre and pacing that I was frequently unsure who was speaking. Very weird! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the rich discussion immensely. I love the BIG screen so much that---before the pandemic--- I often rode the train to Berkeley or San Francisco to see films, and I now I must resort to Netflix, Amazon, and...yeah, Apple tv, which came as a bonus with my $1,200. I-pad! (Actually, Apple tv is pretty cool, and I finally got to see Werner Herzog's NOMAD.)

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