Davisville, May 15, 2023: Integrating a traumatic week into Davis

How do you make sense of what just happened in Davis? Two people stabbed to death in public parks, and a third person seriously injured. The town’s responses included mourning for David Breaux and Karim Abou Najm, vigils, donations to help Kimberlee Guillory recover from her injuries, and fear, followed by a huge sense of relief when Davis police arrested the suspected killer.

And — now what? How do you find perspective? Listening can be a start. Today on Davisville we talk with Susan Cosio, a retired hospital chaplain, ordained pastor and longtime resident of Davis, who has spent most of her adult life helping people navigate crises.


Thank you Bill and Susan for your insights and thoughts about the two men who were killed and the woman who survived stabbing.  I first met David Breaux in 2012 and talked with him along the way at the Compassion Corner and in other locations in town. Kimberlee Guillory is someone I met several months ago through my volunteering at the Daytime Respite Center. Grief is difficult to overcome in the situation we all experienced in late April/early May of this year.  Nancy and I have appreciated interacting with you Susan in your prior role as a hospital chaplain and in your continuing role as a pastor at University Covenant Church.

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