Davisville, May 10, 2021: Meaningful work, plus a very cool job title

Putah Creek at Winters bridge 050121.JPG

Putah Creek at Winters bridge

Putah Creek in Yolo County is much better off than it was a generation ago, and Rich Marovich’s job is part of the reason why. He’s the creek’s streamkeeper, and his work has involved him in everything from restoration projects to the removal of trash and derelict cars from the channel. On today’s show we talk about his work, some of the legal clashes in its history, upcoming improvements the public can enjoy, the return of the salmon, and his favorite locations ... and I wonder how Davis might be different today if Putah hadn't been diverted away from our river-less town in the 19th century. Imagine a riverfront in central Davis.

The start of the program refers to the 1969 hit song written by John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival, inspired by his memories of playing by Putah Creek as a boy. Here's more about the song, "Green River."


Thanks Bill and Rich for a great interview about one of the unsung success  stories  of our region...the comeback of Putah Creek!

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