Davisville, June 14, 2021: A big milestone on the path back from the pandemic

discarded mask.JPG

Discarded mask, downtown Davis, June 2021

June 16 update: Aaron says that in the interview, when he's talking about a restaurant's need to hire employees for re-opening, he inadvertently mentioned the incorrect restaurant. He meant DeVere's Irish Pub, not Delta of Venus.

This week, California ends many of the restrictions that it imposed last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re not entirely clear on what to expect or do now, you’re not alone. As one way to understand the changes, we talk today with Aaron Wedra, marketing coordinator for the Davis Downtown Business Association, about how this step back toward normal conditions might play out for the businesses, shops, restaurants, and their customers, in the core of Davis.


When I described the need for employees and gave Delta of Venus as an example, I actually meant DeVere's Irish Pub. It was DeVere's that has mentioned plans for reopening and had the very relaxed requirements for potential employees.

Thank you so much for the interview Bill!

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