Davisville, July 29, 2019: Going back to high school, sort of

Cindy Evans, Margaret Bridge July 2019 (1).jpg

Davis High School alumni Cindy Evans, Margaret Bridge

High school’s an interesting time. You’re exiting childhood, not yet an adult, you’re trying to figure out who you are, while fitting in, while going your own way, and your classmates are suddenly attractive in ways they weren’t just a few years before. And you’re trying to set yourself up for college or a job, while under pressure to achieve. Whatever high school means to you, when it’s done … you move on. Until enough years have passed and you hear from a classmate that your class is having a reunion! Want to come?

On today’s Davisville, my guests are reunion organizers from two Davis High School classes that are having significant anniversaries this fall and summer: Cindy Cooper Evans (left) from the Class of 1969, and Margaret Bridge from the Class of 1999. We talk about the reunions, what they enjoy about them, how classmates and their attitudes toward the high school years change as they get older, and what advice they’d have for their high school selves.


Hi Bill,

Nice interview!  I graduated from Davis High in 1969 and will be attending the reunion.  It's a one-way trip!

John Spurr

Good to see your name and sorry I'll miss the reunion.  I live in Boston currently but get to Davis a couple times a year to see my brother, who still lives in our family's Oak Avenue house.  I recently walked around Elmwood and thought of you and the Stumphs!  

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