Davisville, Feb. 21, 2022: The Capitol Corridor expects to bring more changes to Davis

Capitol Corridor train in Davis.jpg

Capitol Corridor train at the Davis station, February 2021

There’s lots of news this spring from the Capitol Corridor, the Bay-to-Sacramento passenger train service. Short term, it's recovering from the pandemic, plus taking steps to counter problems that have made too many trains run late. Longer term, it's considering 1) a new central platform in Davis that would connect to an underpass from the station and from the Olive Drive side of the tracks, and 2) changes to the County Road 32 crossing east of town. And if you look ahead a few decades, the corridor anticipates faster trains and better connections from Davis to the Bay Area through the ambitious Link21 "megaregion" project. We talk about all this today with Rob Padgette, the service’s managing director.

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