Davisville, Dec. 7, 2020: Byrds co-founder Chris Hillman has stories to tell in ‘Time Between’

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Chris Hillman's new book, "Time Between"

Chris Hillman co-founded the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Desert Rose Band. He helped create iconic recordings like “Eight Miles High,” The Gilded Palace of Sin and Sweetheart of the Rodeo, and his latest record, Bidin’ My Time in 2017, was produced by Tom Petty. One of his earliest steady paying gigs, in 1964, was in a concocted band whose ersatz hillbilly songs included a tune about a mule. The music was “horrible,” he says. But great adventures were about to begin. Now 76, Hillman has collected some of his stories and experiences in his new book Time Between, and talks about a few of them today on Davisville.


Hooray for KDRT and much gratitude to Bill Buchanan for airing a wonderful interview with one of California's all-time finest musicians, Chris Hillman!  When it comes to the lineage of "Americana" music and the beloved California Sound, Hillman is absolutely one of the most influential seeds.  And he is STILLl making such excellent sounds for us to experience.

Bill handled his interview with Chris beautifully.  A perfect balance of questions evoking the full spectrum of Hillman's long career...over 60 years!...and allowing his guest to expand on the questions so well and share a few tales I had not previously known about.

Rod Moseanko


Hi Bill,

I really enjoyed your interview with Chris.  You were very prepared and your love of the music shows through.  Thanks for having Chris on KDRT.  I last saw him with Herb Pedersen at the Winters Palms,  a great show.   Have a great 2021!


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