Davisville, Dec. 30, 2019: Biotech is changing the world, and Davis has a role

Jim DeKloe Dec 21, 2019.jpeg

Biotech professor Jim DeKloe

Biotechnology is changing lives, products and expectations, creating both possibilities and risks. The changes are enormous, and more are ahead. My guest today is Jim DeKloe (pictured), founder and director of the Industrial biotechnology program, and a professor of biological sciences and biotech, at Solano Community College. We talk about the center in Vacaville, its unusual (for a community college) bachelor’s degree, biotech, the creation of a ”life sciences corridor” between Sacramento and the Bay Area, the need for ethics and laws to keep up, and how a product he knew from his time at Genentech saved his 4-year-old son’s life.


I applaud your vision and perseverance in creating the Biomanufacturing program at Solano Community College. I am proud to call you a friend and colleague. Together, we helped hundreds of students from certificate to PhD gain careers in biotech.

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