Davisville, Aug. 17, 2020: The Palms, on indefinite hiatus, is ending its lease in Winters


Peter Case onstage at the Palms, July 2019

The Palms Playhouse, with no clear end to the pandemic in sight, has gone on indefinite hiatus and isn’t renewing its lease for the location in downtown Winters it has called home since moving from Davis in 2002. However, co-owners Nora Cary and Andrew Fridae are keeping the Palms going as an organization. On today’s Davisville we talk with Cary about the pandemic, the last concert they held on March 7, running a for-profit business with no profit, the magic of a good performance, some favorite moments since she and Fridae bought the Palms in 2016, and what might come next. (Photo shows Peter Case onstage at the Palms in July 2019)


I lost track a long time ago how many shows I saw at the Palms, at the barn, on Main street with Dave and then with Nora and Andrew.  Long time ago.  But the vibe lives on, and the vaccines will help normailze this brutal virus.  The Palms will grow again!

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