Davisville, April 12, 2021: Andy Jones talks about teaching one of UC Davis’ few in-person classes this spring

UC Davis 040721.JPG

Weekday morning at UC Davis during the pandemic

A small fraction of UC Davis classes—about 100—are meeting in person this spring. What’s the return to in-person learning like, a year after the Covid-19 pandemic forced the switch to remote education? Today we talk with instructor Dr. Andy Jones, whose outdoor writing course is one of the 100, about how he’s conducting the class, what students are telling him, some changes that might outlast the pandemic, and other insights from the past year.

Jones has taught at UC Davis since 1990. He’s also a leader in academic tech on campus, plus you might know him as the quizmaster at de Vere’s Irish Pub in Davis (temporarily closed because of the pandemic) and as a former Davis poet laureate.


Having spent many years at UC Davis, and taking a creative writing there, and spending much time in the arboretum, I enjoyed Professor Jones' talk about the student environment there this year. Hopefully, things will get back to normal next year. He is also correct about the preoccupation of people with their electronic devices nowadays.

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