Davis Garden Show, Sept. 30, 2021 -- Winter flowers and bulbs


Plant in October

Things to plant in October, November ...

  • Leafy greens -- lettuce, kale, NOT basil -- continue to plant all winter.
  • Brassicas (where we eat the buds or heads) get planted earlier than  leafy greens (where we trim the leaves but the plant continues to grow).
  • Bulbs -- plant most bulbs now, some later. "Full sun" in winter can be under a deciduous tree, which shades that spot in the summer. PERFECT for many bulbs.
  • Winter flowers -- cheery annual flowers to plant now.
  • Perennials with winter blooms -- plant anytime, they last for years!  -- Camellias, Euryops, Gazania, Hellebore, Hardenbergia, etcetera.

Other topics:

  • Bulbs for shade -- including Lois' challenging "A little east sun, but with cyclamen-ravaging squirrels."
  • Non-stinky daffodil?? Narcissus jonquilla!!
  • Thanks from and to.
  • Tomato harvest continues for Don.
  • "Cold makes them taste better" for some winter veggies.
  • Don's "Cool Season Vegetables" (timing chart) and "Winter Vegetables" (species described).
  • Veggies are NOT good houseplants. Neither is Rosemary. 
  • Any outdoor gardening spaces available for apartment-dwellers? A few.

BONUS for reading this! Here is an index of articles Don Shor has written and posted on his website.

Image flowers (clockwise from upper left): Stock, Gazania, California poppy, botanical tulip, Hellabore, Snapdragon.

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