Davis Garden Show, Oct. 14, 2021 -- Leafy greens, lawns to meadows, weed management

This is the time to plant those leafy greens to eat all winter long. Other winter vegetables include brassicas and root crops like carrots. You can plant in the ground, or in a barrel by the back door, but not INSIDE -- veggies are not grown as houseplants because they need more light. Could you build a greenhouse inside? Well, yes, but it requires grow lights and structures and ...  It's just so much easier if you can grow them outside instead.

Lois asks "Suppose I fill that barrel out back with leafy greens. Do squirrels and rats like salad?"  Well, yes; but it's not hard to make a cover to keep them out.

Is this the time to re-seed one's lawn? (Assuming one still HAS a lawn!) Well, first let's hear Don talk on deciding how much grass you want/need in your situation.  Then, yes; this is a good time to be re-seeding, over-seeding,  planting, or turning your lawn into a meadow. 

The final segment today is about managing weeds. Managing them? Don't you mean removing them? Well, yes; but removal is most easily done at different times for different weed species. It's the usual case of "know your enemy" when planning your strategy. This show will help!

And October is our final tomato harvest and processing time. (Imagine Don's kitchen counters covered with tomatoes!)

Do we take anyone's questions? Well, yes; if you send one in to DavisGardenShow@gmail.com, it might be used on the air. It will at least be read and replied to.

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