Davis Garden Show June 03 2021 -- Weather-related Troubles, Easy Vines, Raccoons

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Cobaea scandens.jpg

Cobaea scandens

Weather-related troubles:  Can X veggie take full sun?  Should we "shade" our tomato plants?  Don says "no".  There's a difference between hot sun on the foliage and the sun-scald of ripening fruit.  Can we keep our trees alive in this year's bone-dry ground?  Signs of stress to look for, and what to do to help while watering most effectively.

Easy vines to cover a fence, wall, trellis  ... including "Cup and saucer vine" (Cobaea scandens) pictured here.

"What's digging up my plants at night?  Not eating them; just digging down underneath and pushing them out."  Raccoons might be digging up the blood meal fertilizer.  What?  They're smelling the blood meal that's UNDERGROUND!!?!  Yep.  On a brighter note, Don is growing tomatoes in a gopher-infested plot -- successfully!

Visit Yolo is helping folks enjoy the wonderful vista of SUNFLOWERS in our area.  Details at:  https://visityolo.com/sunflowers/

This was another drama-filled episode of the Davis Garden Show brought to you by Don Shor and Lois Richter.

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