Davis Garden Show, July 1, 2021 -- What's a hybrid?

What's a cultivar? What's a hybrid? What's a selection? What's a variety? We get a long answer to a short question about Ceanothus "Concha" and Ceanothus "Ray Hartmann."

Also today we have a discussion of soil pH (probably not the problem in the situation described); the challenges of planting in compost instead of soil; raised planter woes; and  details on local water issues and Davis' good situation. 

A thorough explanation ...  "Yes, ma’am, I feel quite sure that in a week in which our ET rate was 2.2 inches, the humidity dropped to 13% each day, and we were at 108 degrees two days in a row, that your plants likely experienced visual symptoms from deficit irrigation with your weekly schedule of watering 2x per week, using a drip system that emits 0.4 gph every foot, at 15 minutes each time. The sandy soil in your raised bed doesn’t retain moisture and it’s also likely that your system doesn’t distribute evenly due to the soil texture. That would explain why the plants are unable to sustain new growth and is partially why the flowers are dropping off as they fail to self-pollinate, although the daytime high temperature is likely the biggest factor in that regard." 

What was really said ... "The soil is really dry and it’s been really hot. Water things more deeply."

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