Davis Garden Show, April 29, 2021 -- TOMATOES! part 4


October Tomato Harvest

Today Don Shor and Lois Richter offer their final segment about "Tomatoes." Actually, no show about tomatoes is really final, as that is a popularly requested, frequent topic of discussion on the Davis Garden Show. But this is the 4th part of a 4-part series on tomatoes done in spring 2021.

As well as the general info, today's program includes "Don Shor's five favorite tomato varieties" -- which he stretches to 6 or 8 or 15 by the time he's done. Don really LIKES tomatoes! And he grows a great variety, "to try things out." His trials include the locally created new heirloom tomatoes from Wild Boar Farms, which he thinks are great -- also the "Chef's Choice" series, some hybrid varieties developed up the road in Maxwell. Find that article from the Davis Enterprise on Don's website, http://redwoodbarn.com/PDF/Donspicktomatoes.pdf.

PS: The image here is Don's harvest of tomatoes from just one day. In October!


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