David Breaux, who stands at 3rd & C to talk about compassion


I so appreciate David Breaux's comments and "service" to encourage others to become more aware of compassion. Thank you for airing this show.

David's service / duty / work (whatever we lable it) may not be "measurable" by standards this University town is familiar with, however, I would say the work / duty / service will ultimately create change that will become immeasurable in our world.

David shared the answer to ending homelessness. "There are no homeless individuals in a village."

Thank you David for your wholely / Holy presence here in Davis

I am honored to learn how to live more compassionately each day because of your sharing and chosen life focus.

C.L. Burger
Grace in Action Inc.

Wow! What a great interview. I am deeply moved by David, not only for his words, but by his actions. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us David. I'm without a doubt going to be listening to this interview again.

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