COVID-19 Community Report- Episode 4 Mar 27th, 2020 - A County Level View

In Episode 4 (link to stream) the focus is on Yolo County. What resources funnel down from state and federal government to counties? What roles do our Yolo County supervisors play in the current situation? What kinds of questions are they fielding? We begin with Yolo County Supervisor for District 2, Don Saylor and later talk with Dr. Mary Ann Limbos, deputy Public Health Officer.  Don Saylor detailed some of the extended efforts provided this past week by the Yolo Food Bank that has served over 3,600 residents through home delivery to 1,536 households via 180 volunteers! Follow this link as volunteers are still needed .  He also mentioned the importance of addressing mental health issues.  A 24 - hour Mental Health Crisis Line is available at 1-888-965-6647.  Dr. Mary Ann Limbos emphasized the importance of staying home and mentioned options for home delivery have just been increased to include non-essential local businesses.   As always, additional updates occur between interviews and are added to the Resource List blog afterwards at