COVID-19 Community Report Episode 25: Wherein I Turn the Tables - June 23, 2020

I got to turn the tables on some wonderful folks today, all while learning about the impacts of COVID-19 on their community involvement and professional work.

Guests Lois Richter and Don Shor are very familiar with speaking on the radio as the co-hosts of the "Davis Garden Show," which they've produced together for 15 years (Live on KDRT Thursdays at Noon PST). Today, they reversed their roles from "host to guest" and spoke about how they've been spending their time and creating their shows  during the last 100 days of Shelter in Place (they are some of the KDRT hosts who have incorporated a variety of tools in order to record their shows from home). Don is also the owner of Redwood Barn Nursery, and talked about his experiences there.

Lois also hosts an hour-long weekly solo effort on KDRT called "That's Life," where she frequently interviews community members and local organizations about upcoming events and creative endeavors. We talk about how the pandemic affected her involvement with the Whole Earth Festival, the Davis Senior Center and KDRT, in particular, and how's learned (and is now teaching) new technology. 

Don's bio reads "Nurseryman and jazz fan," and his other project for KDRT is his popular "Jazz After Dark" show, which has found both a local and international audience. We talk about his longtime experience as a radio host, and how he came to do a jazz show. 

Don also tdescribed how local interest in gardening and growing vegetables has skyrocketed since SIP started. Nursery businesses are considered  essential in Yolo County since they contribute to residents' ability to grow their own food, and Redwood Barn Nursery has adapted to these new conditions by making delivery, phone, and email ordering available.

Also included, as always, are local resources and information related to the pandemic.