Celtic Songlines, March 2, 2021: Traditional tunes with a twist

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

This week on Celtic Songlines, Ireland's Fullset opens the program and is followed by tunes from the exciting trio Inver. Guitarist Arty McGlynn shows why he was one of the most influentional musicians in the modern era--ditto for vocalist Christy Moore. Scotland's The Shee join the program too, along with Solas, Karan Casey & John Doyle, Toni and David Arthur, and the Old Blind Dogs.

During the always special month of March, Celtic Songlines will feature artists' performances of traditional tunes and the sometimes contemporary twist to "trad" music. The exploration of traditional Celtic songs and arrangements is always fascinating, as is listening to the musicians' special talents and skills. They interpret and rearrange traditional songs and tunes to place their own stamp on the music.  


Another great show Dave! Old Blind Dogs are a great band that were new for me when i first started tuning in so thanks for the introduction. Inver are new to me also...having been in Australia for so many years, I have lost ground on the Celtic music scene in this part of the world and its quirky that I am being 'reeducated' by an American on the other side of the pond !I love Christy Moore and maybe some more of that would be great! If you need a decent break one show in the future....eg to jump in the car...pop down to the store...have a coffee...fuel up the car...clean the studio...and more , here's a good suggestion 'A Sailors Tale' full version Fairport Convention....a cracking tune and you will only need a couple of short 'fillers' either side of it...abit like playing American Pie!!! A top show and thank you

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