The $642 schools tax: Possibly Davis' boldest political idea of the year

yolo archiveThe Davis School Board eventually chose a smaller number, but for several weeks board member Richard Harris galvanized the town—at least, the part that pays attention to Davis schools and taxes—with his proposal to place a parcel tax of up to $642 per year on the local ballot this November. That’s at least two times larger than any schools tax previously approved in Davis, including the one voters endorsed just a few months ago. The board opted instead for a November tax measure of up to $446. But the issues that drove Harris to suggest the higher figure still apply, and on today's Davisville he explains how he came up with $642; what it would pay for; why he thinks it’s necessary; and how it connects to the statewide tax initiative also appearing on the fall ballot (if it passes, this tax shrinks). He’s not seeking re-election, and the discussion wraps up with his advice to whoever succeeds him. And yes, he really believes that in Davis, a $642 tax could have passed.

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