56. Brace Face

Braces are a rite of passage for many teenagers in the United States. Hear about the history of orthodontics, which goes back all the way to ancient Egypt and involves animal intestines, gold, and space shuttles! Then meet Dr. Benton Runquist who opens up about his 27-year career as a Davis orthodontist and his time as a radio DJ. Then travel to France — home to 1,500 varieties of cheese, residents who consume 25,000 tons of snails annually, supermarkets that divert 45,000 pounds of food each year to feed the hungry and reduce food waste, and the Tour De France cycling race that lasts 23 days and covers 2,068 miles.


Great interview, Rohan! You asked all the right questions and it sounds really professional! And BJ did a great job, too!

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