The Awesome Patrol Show

JOY Gentle Friends!! Catch me FRIDAY afternoons {yay! Again!!} LIVE @ 3pm for your weekly installment of The Awesome Patrol Show - an hour of fresh tunes to wrap the week up in-flow. Think of it like a song "flight" of awesome sounds, ideas & feels ! I create the sets to feel reminiscent of old school mix-tapes, something I’ve never stopped making since I got my first double-tape deck in Jr.High. Enjoy // InJOY a weekly mix for you, me & our commUNITY!! And sometimes special guest pals and next-level band appearances join the show, too! TAPS Mantra: Jams up, Windows down!!
Replays Monday 9-10pm, Tuesday 10-11pm, Thursday 10-11am
Live Friday 2:30-4pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.
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Enjoyed the show tonight (December 27).  Great tunes!


I am a first time listener of KDRT and am already hooked. You guys are hilarious and play stellar music. Keep it up!

We trust this means we're on the safe list for all that hacking you've got goin on out there. Peace.

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