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Joy, Gentle Friends!!

Tune in to The Awesome Patrol Show (TAPS)
Live at 2:30 pm on FRIDAY’s!!
(*New AwEsOmE Time *)
Tune-in to find out what SaraTAPS is sending up & out on the local airwaves !

TAPS Mantra: Jams up, Windows down!!

Offering a joyful end of the week sound currents to set you up for a great weekend with fun a mix of jams!

The Awesome Patrol features a variety of the freshest indie tunes, some fan fav's ( and hekuva a lot of SaraMarie’s) & featuring super special guests. PLUS! Tune-In for a *NEW* monthly "HOUSEparty" of go-hard dance jams to be broadcast first FRIDAY of every month.

All are welcome at this DaNCePaRtY!

Follow me:
& please send me fun things to share on the show, it's a commUNITY space - let's co-create!
{ex: knock knock jokes, song requests, recipies, i'll even pull ya a card!!}
xoxo, saramarie


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The Awesome Patrol Show
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