The Awesome Patrol Show

Tune in to The Awesome Patrol Show (TAPS) to find out what host SaraTAPS is offering this week! Every Thursday at 7pm, I'll do my best to serve you a variety of the freshest tunes, some of my fav's along with the scoop on shows and noteworthy events in and around Davis. Cheers Friends! All are welcome at this DaNCePaRtY!

Replays Tuesday 10-11pm, Friday 5-6pm
Live Thursday 7-8pm

The Awesome Patrol Show for 7:00pm on Apr 5th, 2018

Greetings of JOY!! Special Guest,  Kirsten Elise - Local Starship Captain (of Kundalini Yoga) & Transformational Healer popped in to wrap the show and make a music video with me for the Celebration of DMA's 30th birthday!! Stay tuned for more on our "family band" and those playing in and around Davis!!  Sat Nam, Friends!! Happy Spring!! 

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Enjoyed the show tonight (December 27).  Great tunes!


I am a first time listener of KDRT and am already hooked. You guys are hilarious and play stellar music. Keep it up!

We trust this means we're on the safe list for all that hacking you've got goin on out there. Peace.

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