Album of the Week (4/2 @ 5pm) Kishi Bashi's Lighght

Kishi Bashi album art

Lighght (pronounced “light”) is Kishi Bashi’s second full-length album and it came out in May of ‘13. It’s an eclectic mix of music and – in a departure from my previous need to play concept albums about death and the meaning of life here on AotW – I have yet to figure out why all these songs work together so well. Tune in to find out exactly why my special guests chose the album for the show. 

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California Weekly Climate One

Replays Wednesday 10-11am, Sunday 11am-12pm

Climate One, a special project of the Commonwealth Club, seeks to foster wide-ranging discussions on environmental, energy, and climate change issues, and make these discussions available to a broad range of people around the world. Climate One was founded by Commonwealth Club Vice President Greg Dalton in 2007 after visiting the Arctic Circle aboard a Russian icebreaker. Today, Climate One brings together top leaders from business, government, academic and advocacy groups to advance the march toward a low-carbon economy.


Chambers Street Theatre

Live Thursday 11-11:30am
Replays Wednesday 11-11:30am, Sunday 10-10:30am


Hear amazing stories from the Golden State, from way back when in the language from way back when, with some stories written by the reader herself! Sit back and enjoy.


Live Wednesday 11:30am-12pm


Listen as this young student takes you through her musical merry-go-round! She loves to receive requests for songs, so if you leave a comment with a song you'd like to hear live on Dynamics, most likely it will be played! All types of music, ranging from contemporary to classical, foreign occasionally.  Local guest visits from time to time with short interviews. Thank you listeners!

Heart to Heart

Live Wednesday 12-1pm
Replays Friday 11am-12pm


Creating and maintaining a loving life may well be the greatest art of all.

This program offers tips and inspiration for living life richly and lightly.

It also offers the opportunity to call in with personal questions.

The number in studio is: 792-1648

Check Davis Enterprise for weekly topics or occasional great guests. 


The Awesome Patrol Show

Live Friday 5-6pm
Replays Wednesday 9-10pm


Happy Hour Friday jams with The Awesome Patrol Show (TAPS). Hosts Danny and Sara drone on about bands they like, think everyone should hear, or are performing in a venue nearby, perhaps, maybe if you're lucky or something. Cheers!

Civilization Phaze IV

Live Tuesday 2-3pm
Replays Wednesday 11pm-Thursday 12am, Thursday 7:30-8:30am, Sunday 8-9am


Join your host, Eunah (“oona”), as she harvests the ripest fruits classical music and its offshoots have to offer.  She’ll tell you a bit about their rootsand try to show you how wonderful this music can be for the mind and the soul.  

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