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Our own Ruth is featured in the ARGONAUT GAZETTE (click for details)

Ruth Chambers Creates Radio Show of Old on 95.7 FM KDRT Davis, CA 

 by: Candi Zizek 

A decade ago, Ruth Chamberslove of street performing brought her to audition in historical attire and be invited to reenact with Old Sacramento Living History (OSLH). The Old Sacramento Business Association had a goal to liven up the streets of Old Sacramento Gold Rush style for the tourists and shoppers who visited.

Ruth created a historical puppet show to enchant the tourists and especially the kids. Her paper characters pasted on sticks act in stories like they would have been seen in the 1850s. Ruth used old characters and created her own newer characters to tell her stories.

Listening Lyrics - March 14 - with ROBERT KENNEDY

Robert Kennedy is a drummer supreme. Lives in Davis and is going to share with us a story about his cat. Robert will also share with us some of his music favorites. So be prepared to hear some fine jazz along some fine banter.

Robert has also started drawing so that tells all of us he lives in the right side of his brain. This will be a fun hour

You can visit Robert on his web page.

DR. Paul's Classic - A superb 2 hours every week

DR. Paul broadcasts a live two hour classical music program on KDRT. He has listened to classical music all his life, and classical music radio since the 1970's.  Please submit requests, and he will accommodate if the requested piece in the library of recorded music.  Click below to the show site.

Dr. Paul's Classics


Listening Lyrics March 7, 2014 with the SMOKE SHOVELERS

Acoustic duo The Smoke Shovelers have spent a few years now sneaking around the periphery of the Davis/Sacto circuit entertaining friends and family at barbecues, honey-extracting parties, coffee-roasting sessions, campfire jams, film-festivals, back-patio birthdays, front-porch hoe-downs, New Year’s celebrations, and every once in a while planting themselves in front of microphones for a paying audience in more traditional musical venues. Davis music veterans Roger Kunkel (Thin White Rope, Acme Rocket Quartet) on mandolin, guitar, banjo, and fiddle, and Rusi Gustafson (Curbfeelers, Acme Rocket Quartet) on guitar, banjitar, and harmonica, lend their two-part harmonies to both original tunes and an up-ended grab-bag of folk, bluegrass, and country-rock covers ranging from The Statler Brothers and John Prine to The Replacements and The Velvet Underground.

The Awesome Patrol Show with guest TOM BROSSEAU (LIVE)

This Friday 2/28/14, live in the studio with Danny and Sara. Tom Brosseau is a guitarist with a story to tell. That story to tell is Tom at his best - he is one great storyteller. Catch this live or after the show via streaming.

You can also catch TOM at the Verterans Memorial at 8:30PM on Friday 2/28/14 

or visit Tom at www.tombrosseau.com

Listening Lyrics Feb 28, 2014, with guest MOTHER FALCON

This Friday - LIVE - in the KDRT studio, MOTHER FALCON. The Austin Critics Table nominated the group as "Best New Ensemble" in 2011. Now in Davis, CA you have two opportunities for hearing this ensemble, at the Veterans Memorial and on KDRT 95.7FM. Both on friday 2/28/14. 

Mother Falcon began as a jam session among a group of high school cellists eager to break out of the classical repertoire that predominated their musical training. Since then, the band has evolved as an organic collective of classically trained young musicians determined to push their artistry into new musical territory.

AoTW - Album of The Week - 3/6/2014 6:00PM with WARPAINT

WARPAINT is this WEEKS selection and SARA is the host. Sara in Warpaint watchout

" Warpaint weave intricate guitar lines, hypnotic vocals and driving post punk rhythms into gorgeous, sprawling songs that skirt the line between psychedelia and intimacy. Both live and on record, Warpaint sound like they’re channeling something truly otherworldly, and mystical."

Here is a preview clip of the band


Listening Lyrics Feb 21, 2014, with guest Joaquin Feliciano

Singer songwriter Joaquin Feliciano's performances burst with energy, humor, emotion, and wisdom. As a child, Joaquin studied piano, voice, music theory, and composition. However, the only strong feeling he remembers from that time was: “Please, do NOT let me screw this up!” It took over four decades of living for him to appreciate fully the gift his parents gave him and come to an understanding of music, and especially live performance, as conduits for healing, transformation, and personal growth. Drawing inspiration from local artists like Jackie Carroll and Mike Justis, he bought a guitar, learned some chords, started singing, and pretty much hasn't stopped since.