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WOW -- we can turn you into a DJ!

Yes, we can turn you into a DJ. If you have a passion and are willing to share it, this is YOUR opportunity--and KDRT is all ears. Host a talk show or a music show. Host a show about your interests and topics that would interest the community. Whatever your idea, let's talk...

Here's the kicker: We know that you may know nothing about radio, and so you have no reason to feel intimidated. We're here to provide you with the knowledge and the skills you need.

To find out more, 
stop by the studio at 1623 Fifth Street in East Davis, adjacent to Redwood Barn Nursery, or call us at 530-792-1648.




Listening Lyrics Feb. 14, 2014 Lets spin some VINYL

What a surprise - my guest this week had to cancel. So lets create an opportunity. This is going to be vinyl week. The past few months I have found some sweet vinyl LP records that are just itching to be spun. We are starting of with the SACRED MUSHROOM, a Cincinnati group in the 60's. Blues mixed with the Grateful Dead was their awesome sound. 

But listen up - this is going to be one eclectic hour. So TUNE in.


LIVE TRACKS with Jim Buchanan

You can buy the CD or download the tune - BUT - Jim Buchanan's LIVE TRACKS catches the action as it happens ( no mater what happens). LIVE TRACKS highlights live musical performances ranging widely from early 60's rock to rock-a-billy, and from blues to bluegrass. Live Tracks frequently features performances from local musicians recorded and mixed by the show's host, Jim Buchanan.

Live Thursday 8-10pm   Replays Monday 1-3pm, Sunday 9-11pm


Listening Lyrics TODAY with CROW CANYON

We are ending January with a real kick - CROW CANYON. A rock band filled with talent, enthusiasm and charisma. This show will be a blast
The trio plays original song at venues and events around California.
Crow Canyon is a rock trio from Davis, California that plays a set comprised of catchy original songs, and a variety of different covers by bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and Sublime. Crow Canyon is:
Riley Donahue (Guitar/Vocals)
Drew Thomsen (Drums)
Nathan Puckett (Bass/Vocals)


The TREE of MUSIC - with Roots, Shoots and Leaves

Roots, Shoots, and Leaves Every week live on Tuesdays from 6 to 8PM. With host Tree Kilpatricket

Tree has a theory about music and songwriters.  Eventually he will flesh out this theory- suffice to say it involves a trinity of sorts, exploration of themes amongst recording artists, and otherwise very few self imposed boundaries.  Listen in as Tree brings music old and new, known and unknown.  Eventually he'll get around to explaining it himself.  In the meantime, let him show you the way.



Roots, Shoots, and Leaves

Live Tuesday 6-8pm
Replays Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am, Saturday 12-2pm


Listening Lyrics Jan 24th, 2014 with WELLS

A duo not to be missed - Two Great talents
We are Wells, the singer-songwriter duo of Aaron Matthew and Kathryn Grace.

Aaron is originally from southern California, plays guitar, piano, bass, drums and ukulele, and released his first full-length album in early 2013. He secretly and inexplicably loves writing and listening to country music.