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Album of the Week July 10, 2014, Jack White - Lazaretto

Lazaretto is Jack White's second solo album. Euan Harris of the TheSoundBot writes, "Lazaretto is almost an instant classic. It’s big, it’s bold and full of humor – which may seem odd given his recent divorce from model, Karen Elson. The humour, albeit dark, starts with the album’s title. For those unaware a lazaretto is a quarantine for people with infectious diseases. Read into that what you will."

Yes, folks, we will play the VINYL version in its entire glory, Thursday, July 10, at 6 pm. 


Listening Lyrics for July 11, 2014 with Michael Leahy

This week we spend an hour with MICHAEL LEAHY of CROSSBILL RECORDS. We will hear some of the artists on this label discuss how a label select artists. Plus much more. Crossbill Records has been releasing a steady stream of songwriter-based indie folk, rock, americana, and bluegrass albums from its Davis, CA home-base since 2005. Headed by longtime KDVS DJ and “Cool as Folk” concert presenter Michael Leahy, the label thrives as a cooperative effort with releases from friends Tom Brosseau, Brass Bed, Matt Bauer, Appetite, The Loom, Sea of Bees, Garrett Pierce, and Jake Mann making the team push (Leahy is also a basketball coach) for recordings, bookings, tours, and getting the word out.


A SPECIAL Listening Lyrics with RAY BONNEVILLE on Sat. June 28, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Talk about a SPECIAL guest - we needed a SPECIAL Listening Lyrics show to have RAY BONNEVILLE join us in the studio. Ray was born in Canada and is widely regarded as a blues player strongly influanced by New Orleans. To date, Bonneville has released seven records and, in 2000, won the prestigious Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) for his third album Gust Of Wind. As a touring musician Bonneville plays more than one hundred and fifty shows a year across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Joining us with Ray is RICHIE LAWRENCE who is a well know musician in California. Richie has has a lifetime of music in his soul and his latest CD "Water" reflects this.

Vist RAY BONNEVILLE at http://raybonneville.com

NEW Show - One Health & Wildlife Talk - Thursdays on KDRT

This monthly half-hour show focuses on the health of animals, people, and the environment. With a different guest each month, we tell the stories of the UC Davis One Health Institute and the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center. The show is hosted by Justin Cox and airs Thursdays at 4 pm. Visit the show page.

Listening Lyrics for June 27, 2014 with Five Three Oh!

Five Three Oh!, an acoustic trio that plays music from many genres and generations, is the featured act (live in the studio) this week on Listening Lyrics The band’s wide ranging mix of music, including folk, blues and original tunes, is enhanced by original arrangements and unique three-part harmonies. To learn more visit them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FiveThreeOh. You can also hear some of their music on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/five-three-oh


Listening Lyrics is on facebook - for updates on the music news in the Davis, Sacramento area please like us. https://www.facebook.com/ListeningLyrics?ref_type=bookmark

AoTW - Album of The Week -6/19/2014 6:00PM with SHIPS HAVE SAILED

Los Angeles is a hub of musical talents that are struggling to get heard. Some of these bands or artists are so good, it amazes that they aren't household names. One such "group" is "SHIPS HAVE SAILED", I say group but the driving force behind SHIPS HAVE SAILED is WILL CARPENTER. Will has spent 10 years in LA creating and playing. With this band he has a set of songs that trully have solid bones. By that I mean the raw songs are well written with lyrics to match. Then he adds a group of musicians and some technical wizardly to create an LP of 6 songs - some lush, some pop, some singer/songwritter. This album has a variety that makes the listener want to hear what else is hidden here. Yes LA should be proud of the fact that it still has the energy and creative force to produce hidden jewels sounds as this
This week will include an interview with WILL CARPENTER as he shares histhought  this album.

Listening Lyrics Jun 20th, 2014 with TAJLYN

A multi talented, multi instrumentalist (10 and counting) all packaged in a young lady named TAJLYN. Originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio area she is now shaking things up musically in central California. Tajlyn discovered music with the help of Mr. Rogers and wrote her first jingle in a funeral home. She describes her self as living a normadic life of music, travel and good times.

I know that KDRT and LISTENING LYRICS will be in for one great show with Tajlyn.

visit TAJLYN at http://www.tajlyn.com

Listening Lyrics for June 13, 2014 - DAVIS MUSIC FEST REVIEW

This week Listening Lyrics will play some of the artists that are performing at the DAVIS MUSIC FEST http://davismusicfest.com 

We will spin and introduce a variety of music for all to get the feel of this event which kicks of JUNE 21, 2014.

OVER 50 music events at 12 different location through out Davis.

Listen in and we can help you decide where and when and who to see.

If you can't make the event - just listen in to this awesome selection of music

Listening Lyrics for June 6, 2014 with TWO TRACK MIND

When I saw TWO TRACK MIND perform I knew I had to have them on the show - Six months later the dream comes true.

Two Track Mind is the new musical duo featuring the amazing Matt Rowley and the incomparable Brian Souders.

Matt Rowley is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, composer and teacher who lives in the Sacramento area. His solo performances include electronic augmentation and improvisation creating a dynamic and exciting performance that includes material spanning 5 decades and many different styles and influences including his own compositions and interpretations of well-known and not-so-well-known songs.

Brian Souders is a harmonica player, vocalist, and percussionist with a love for raw blues and sounds from the streets. His solo performance includes a loop-station and several octaves of harmonicas along with hand shakers and stomp boxes to create a fusion of funk blues and beats referred to as harp-boxing. Brian's combination of these elements with improvisation and precision playing is truly exiting.

Listening Lyrics Goes to LA - Friday, May 30, 2014

This week Listening Lyrics goes to Los Angeles to check out the LA Music scene. We have a remote interview with Will Carpenter and Dan Hange of SHIPS HAVE SAILED. That will set the tone for the show. Other selections from LA bands currently creating a buzz are Fitz and the Tantrums "The walker”, Bad Suns “Cardiac Arrest”, Incan Abraham "Tuolumne", Moses Sumney "Lindisfarne", Holychild "Happy With Me", Papa "Put Me To Work", Holy Folk "At A Moment Here", Mystic Braves "Please Let Me Know"

(http://www.shipshavesailed.com).  Pictured are Dan & Will of SHIPS HAVE SAILED