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Live in the Loam presents COLIN GILMORE Thursday 9/11/14 at 4:30PM

KDRT will host a live in-studio appearance with Colin Gilmore. Colin grew up in Lubbock, Texas, spending many nights as a child in nightclubs like Stubbs, where he witnessed songwriters like Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and his own father, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, bring the stage to life. He developed a taste for Buddy Holly, Townes Van Zandt, and bands like The Clash and The Pogues. For 13 years, Colin has been informed by these observations, writing songs and playing under his own name. 


His last album Goodnight Lane won fans across the world and critical acclaim, including 4-star reviews in Mojo and Uncut. The songwriting style he is creating has developed at its own pace and has emphasized uniqueness and truth above immediate public response. His star quality, both in live performances and songwriting, is understated but real. And he's just getting started. 


KDRT presents Hawaii's Masters of the Slack Key Guitar FRIDAY SEPT. 12, 3PM

Live in the studio with host Beth Post, these three masters, featured regularly at the renowned “Slack Key Show” on Maui, bring Hawai‘i’s unique folk styles, with origins in the early 19th-century Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy) culture, to 21st-century stages. They themselves grew up in areas so rural, without electricity, radio, or TV, that they were immersed in Hawaiian music and culture from childhood.

Album of the Week Sept 4, 2014,(6:00PM) DAVID BOWIE "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"

For my first AotW selection, I'll be playing David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. I have the original vinyl that I'd like to play, but I need to make sure we can get through it without putting a penny on the needle - I've not treated this original pressing very well over the years. I'll have a digital version as well, just in case.
One can read all about the album on Wikipedia and I'm not going to go into a ton of detail about the origin, the history or any of those details. I chose the album because it was really the first album I can remember playing as an album - wearing headphones and listening from start to finish. And then doing it again. I have my favorite songs on the album, to be sure, but it's really the album as a whole that is a work of art.
Your host this week is MATT BLAKE

Listening Lyrics Sept 5, 2014 with NAT LEFKOFF

Nat LEFKOFF will be visiting LISTENING LYRICS for the second time, and rightfully so. Nat is an American singer/songwriter from Northern California, currently residing in Washington state. Nat brings with him not only his great writing capability but also a voice that compliments his lyrics. A voice that shares its soul is rare, and Nat does share it with us. It's a complete package that makes you want to hear more. Nat is also full of enthusiasm about his life, and we are ready to hear all about it. 

Live in the LOAM presents BONANZA KING Saturday 9/6/14 at 1:00PM

LIVE IN THE LOAM is our NEW pop-up show featuring touring and local artists who are playing in and around Davis. It's a "pop-up" as it doesn't have a fixed position in our on-air schedule. This Saturday we will be interviewing and listening to BONANZA KING, a well-established local western swing band with deep roots into the Americana genres. Kari King and Keith Cary (of BONANZA KING) will join me in the studio. Their new CD is scheduled for release Sept. 13, 2014



Listening Lyrics Aug 22, 2014 with Evan Clayburg & Sally Hensel

This week on LISTENING LYRICS the dynamic duo of Evan Clayburg and Sally Hensel. They are Davis residents who met through their shared passion for music and art. Evan along with Sally are founding members of the THIRD SPACE ART COLLECTIVE in Davis, an art collective and music show venue where emerging creatives express themselves in a supportive atmosphere. In mid September Evan and Sally will be embarking on a 4 month creative journey to share what they’ve learned and learn from other likeminded creative spaces.

Album of the Week Aug 14, 2014,(6:00PM) Billie Joe + Norah "FOREVERLY"

Album Of The week - this - week is - BILLY JOE + NORAL "EVERLY"

"At first glance, this is a very odd record: an American punk superstar and an easy-listening chanteuse perform stripped-back Everly Brothers covers. It is hard to imagine Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong andNorah Jones even sharing the same vocal booth, let alone harmonising with straight-arrow sincerity through murder ballads, sentimental weepies, corny cowboy songs and country laments.

This is a straightforward track-by-track recreation of the Everly Brothers’ classic Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, with Armstrong taking Don Everly’s lead role and Jones singing Phil's high harmonies. Younger brother Phil sadly died shortly after this tribute album was released, on 3rd January 2014 of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease brought on by smoking.

Listening Lyrics Aug 15th, 2014 with ROWAN MCGUIRE

Sometimes you just know - that was the case when I heard this young man at an open mic. I knew within minutes that I would love to have him on the show. So, this week Rowan McGuire is my guest for the full hour. Rowan  is a singer-songwriter from Davis, California, where he plays guitar, drums and sings. His songs feature unique finger picking techniques that have percussive elements, and they involve many different tunings. Recently he has added lyrics and vocals to his guitar playing to increase the depth and diversity of his music, blending vocal melodies and harmonies with complex picking patterns. His musical influences are John Mayer, Ben Howard, Michael Hedges, Andy McKee, and Tommy Emmanuel.





Album of the Week Aug 7, 2014,(6:00PM) Conor Oberst - Upside Down mountain

This week it is Conor Oberst to take the stage front and center. If your into his group BRIGHT EYES and singer/songwriter music you will enjoy this. Oberst can turn a lyric that sticks with you. His new solo album UPSIDE DOWN MOUNTAIN is featured this week.

Tom Moon at NPR writes