Album of the Week - 7/30/15 at 5:00PM - Alabama Shakes "Sound & Color"


"Sound & Color is not an electronic record. But it is strange and mystical and unexpected—more Houses of the Holy than "Holy Cow". It’s got past lives and future people, traces of Curtis Mayfield, Erykah Badu, MC5, the Strokes. There’s a song called "Shoegaze" that could find a second home on the Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You. Bon Iver collaborator Rob Moose provides eerie string arrangements that slowly encroach on songs like ivy climbing up a fence while the band and co-producer Blake Mills tweak tones and rhythms to make guitars and drums and bass and keyboards sound genuinely exciting—fresh, even—in 2015. This is stadium soul with one eye peeking toward another galaxy while hands and feet and throats desperately try to suss out life here on Earth." review by PITCHFORK - see complete review here

Host this week is Pieter Pastoor

Jordan Crivelli-Decker visits Listening Lyrics, July 31, 2015 at 4:00PM

Jordan Crivelli-Decker - Every now and then I spot a talent that somehow stands out from the crowd. Within a couple of minutes of playing I knew that Jordan would be a real treat on Listening Lyrics. This week we have Jordan and his guitar for a whole hour. Jordan is heavily influenced by fingerstyle guitar music and his father’s playing, He blend multiple styles of guitar into one holistic genre. You can find Jordan playing at open mic nights around the northern California area a few nights a month.

Can disco sound metal?

Find out on this week's episode of HEAVY with Dmitry and George! We'll be playing iron-clad versions of ABBA, Boney M, the Bee Gees, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and that's just the start! 

Noah Byrd on Listening Lyrics Friday 7/24/15 at 4:00PM

"We finally landed an interview with Noah Byrd. Spend an hour with this local songwriter, right before he leaves to tour the Pacifc Northwest. With a voice compared to Elliot Smith and Bradley Nowell, he combines melancholic vocals with punk-influenced acoustic guitar, giving an aggressive undertone to his otherwise laid-back sound."

Album of the Week - Ass Ponys "Lohio" - TH 7/16/15 5p

This week we'll feature Cincinatti's own Ass Ponys and the 2001 recording Lohio. If you haven't heard of the Ponys, you may have heard of frontman Chuck Cleaver and his current band, Wussy. All new to you? No worries. Sit back and enjoy. It's indie rock with an Americana feel--swell sounds for a summer day. 

It's true: Internship opportunities at KDRT-FM!

Do you have a burning desire to learn more about radio, from the back-end business to the on-air broadcast? We have just the thing: KDRT offers no-cost training via community internships across departments, including Publicity and Social Media, Music Acquisitions and Curation, and Audio Production. We also welcome volunteers, both behind the mic and behind the scenes. If you'd like to get involved in community radio, now's your chance. Shoot us a line today, expressing your interest:

Get involved: Attend this month's KDRT orientation!

Are you curious about community media? Interested in getting involved at KDRT-FM Grassroots Radio or Davis Community Television? You're in luck, because you're invited to our next orientation. Every month on the third Wednesday, we hold orientation meetings to answer your questions about broadcast and behind-the-scenes opportunities and internships at Davis Media Access, the home of KDRT and DC-TV. So mark your calendars and plan to attend! To RSVP, visit


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