Drupal: A Collection of How-To's

Hey all! Here's a just a collection of links to my Drupal How-To's and a brief explanation on how to do each. For more in depth instruction, click though to each individual entry. 

Account Setup

1. Log in 

2. Click your name in the upper right corner

3. Hit Edit

4. Add Profile Picture

5. Set Common Name

6. Add Name and Bio

7. Add Twitter account


1. Log in 

2. Click your name in the upper right corner

3. Click Track

4. Click the audio show you want to add a playlist for

5. Click the green plus sign

6. Type in playlist information

7. Save the playlist

8. Save the audio file 

Pre-Show Playlist

1. Log in 

2. Mouseover add content in the upper left

3. Click Add Playlist

4. Name the playlist and add playlist info

5. Save playlist

Get involved: Attend the next KDRT orientation!

Are you curious about community media? Interested in getting involved at KDRT-FM Grassroots Radio or Davis Community Television? You're in luck, because you're invited to our next orientation. Every month (typically on the first Wednesday), we hold orientation meetings to answer your questions about broadcast and behind-the-scenes opportunities and internships at Davis Media Access, the home of KDRT and DC-TV. So mark your calendars for October 7th and plan to attend! To RSVP, visit

Album Review: So Far, by David Myles

David Myles is an accomplished folk artist from Nova Scotia, and he has recorded nine studio albums, a live album, and So Far, a compilation of his greatest hits since his first studio effort in 2005. It is clear that David Myles has never steered clear of his folk roots during his career, and it is a testament to his consistency that So Far isn't uneven, but actually quite smooth and easy on the ears. This could undoubtedly be contributed to the production, which focuses on Myles' smoothing voice and the guitar, leaving other instruments to fill in the background, creating consistent flow throughout all the songs on the album. However, the compilation never branches out, and sometimes the tracks begin to feel a bit repetitive and tedious, such as "Carry Me." However, the livelier tracks, such as "Need a Break," "When it Comes My Turn," and "I wouldn't dance," provide much needed jolts of energy.

Rita Hosking to appear on Listening Lyrics - Oct 9, 2015 at 4:00PM

Rita Hosking will join us in the studio to talk about her new album “Frankie and the No- Go Road”  Rita is an American composer and musician based in Davis, California. She plays Americana and bluegrass styles of music with both standards and original songs. She has been performing around the country at concerts, festivals, and other venues.

"Hosking's music isn't like the polished, over-produced music found in pop culture. Hers is a minimalist sound that reflects a simpler time and place: a little country town, rather than a big city."

Leading up to her 2010 performance tour of Great Britain, she received increasing attention on the "East Side" of the pond. Reviewer Paul Kerr of Americana-UK remarked that she is "a very talented artist with the ability to step up to that pantheon of great female country folk singers and writers."  Hosking has played to packed venues in England, Wales, and Cornwall. Visit Rita at


Friday Night Programs

Tonight at 6:30 is Golden Road, a two-hour show hosted by Rod Moseanko and Lee Maddux that focuses on the great music of Northern California, especially The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, and their live recordings. At 8:30 is the show Outta Style with DJ Wayne Hagen, which can only be described as a bit of musical mayhem. At 9, Wayne Hagen shifts gears with his other show Sounds So Sweet, which is an exploration of homemade instrument bands known as jug bands. Make sure to tune in!

The EUROPEAN music scene with Thomas Björkroth - Oct. 2, 2015

Thomas Björkroth visits Listening Lyrics this Friday. Thomas is a music enthusiast who is visiting us from Sweden. He keeps a keen ear to what’s happening music wise in Europe. In fact he has attended the Euro Vision contest for the last 10 years. We will be spinning some songs that are currently on the charts in Europe and also some songs that have made Euro Vision an international spotlight for new talent.

For those outside the listening area, the show will stream live online at at 4:00PM (9/25/15). It will also be available for replays in the show archives or as an podcast on iTunes under LISTENING LYRICS(link is external).

Visit Listening Lyrics on Facebook(link is external) and like to receive information on upcoming shows and behind the scene looks.

Album of the Week - Boscoe - TH 10/1 5P

Boscoe came up in Chicago’s South Side in the late '60s and early '70s, with this self-titled release springing forth in 1973. The group’s lineup included James Rice on guitar, Ron Harris on bass, Harold Warner on trumpet, Darryl Johnson on sax, and Reg Holden on trombone. Boscoe also featured Steve Cobb on drums, and it was Cobb who drove the group's movement beyond covers to original songs with socially conscious lyrics. Boscoe’s conscious-funk-fusion sound was somewhat lost in the immense sea of talent pouring out of South Side Chicago at the time, and the group folded not long after this release.

Jazz After Dark September 29 2015

Featuring Benny Carter and Erroll Garner tonight! In 1955 jazz pianist Erroll Garner released Concert By The Sea, a live concert recorded in Carmel. It became one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time. Sixty years later, Sony Legacy has released an expanded version with 11 new songs. Garner will be our featured artist in the second half tonight, with four selections from that album. In the first half we feature Benny Carter, with four selections spanning 1936 - 1976. Gerry Mulligan, Chico Hamilton, Buddy DeFranco, and vocals by Nancy Wilson and Ella Fitzgerald (doing Garner's classic composition Misty) round out the program.

Tuesday Programs

Youth show Rocket Radio airs at 5:30 today on KDRT, immediately followed at 6 p.m. by Roots, Shoots, and Leaves, where host Tree Kilpatrick explores the relationships between music old and new, known and unknown. Last but certainly not least, Jazz After Dark begins at 8 p.m., with an hour full of 20th-century jazz. Tune in and enjoy!

Album Review: Breathless, by Terence Blanchard ft. The E-Collective

Terence Blanchard has been a strong and active member of the New Orleans jazz scene for decades, working on movie scores and solo work. Breathless is Blanchard's 15th solo outing, and its title references the death of Eric Garner at the hands of New York policemen, which inspired a fair portion of the album. The songs with lyrics are often politically charged, especially "Talk to Me" and title track "Breathless," which infuses hip-hop and R&B into the contemporary jazz that is front and center throughout the album. The album is full of tracks that use typical jazz instruments with synths to create a soothing and almost hypnotic sound, such as "Midnight" and "Samadhi." The album is not afraid to branch out, as exemplified by faster paced tracks with powerful drums, such as "Compared to What" and "Tom and Jerry." 

All in all, Breathless is an example of an excellent artist at the top of his game. It is powerful at times, soothing at others, but never boring or uninspired. If you like jazz or have ever been interested in jazz, check out Breathless


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