Grateful Dead Members Tom Constanten & Bob Bralove on the Golden Road

Join us for an interview on The Golden Road with former members of The Grateful Dead, Bob Bralove and Tom Constanten.  Bob and Tom will be discussing their wonderful running collaboration affectionately known as "Dose Hermanos" and we will spotlight their new release, "Batique" which features their exquisite piano playing created in a most unique and improvisational way!

The broadcast of interview took take place on Saturday, April 5 on The Golden Road on KDRT.

Here's a link to the playlist and more information about the broadcast:

Album of the Week: LCD Soundsystem ~ Sound of Silver

April 3, 2014's edition of AotW will feature the sophmore release of James Murphy's alternative dance project, LCD Soundsystem... 3 years and 1 day since their last performance ever which was at Madison Square Garden to the bittersweet embrace of their adoring fans.

UNDERWRITING - Helping the grass roots grow

We acknowledge business contributions to KDRT with brief on-air messages called underwriting. Underwriting is to community radio what advertising is to commercial radio. The difference, however, is clear: Commercial stations may air as much as 18 minutes of advertising time per hour. KDRT airs less than one minute of underwriting per hour, which means our underwriters aren't lost in a sea of commercial hype.

JAZZ after Dark - A real local weekly treat

Jazz after Dark (with Don Shore) is a laid back musical weekly journey into the sounds of jazz.  Its hard to explain this show in a sentence or two so just take a look at the March 25th show write up "Jazz across five decades tonight. Some sax by Sam Butera, Paul Gonsalvez, Johnny Hodges, and Gerry Mulligan. Piano by Thelonious Monk, Vince Guaraldi, and Butch Thompson. Vocals by Etta Jones, and Ella Fitzgerald. And a special thank-you to Toots Thielemans, 91 years old, as he retires after 65 years of jazz harmonica and whistling!"


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