Live Broadcast from Armadillo Music with Make No Bones on the Stage Friday 5/11/18 6:30PM

This months live broadcast from Armadillo Music is Austin James Hicks. Born in Berkeley, CA.he has been playing guitar since he was 8 and singing since 10.

Make No Bones (A.J. Hicks) is an eclectic blend of folk, jazz, indie, and blues from San Leandro, CA. To Make no bones means to be who you are without making a big deal. Who ever is watching, who ever is listening, be yourself and Make No Bones.

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Al Scorch drops by KDRT for some Live DiRT, May 10

Chicago-based alt-country artist Al Scorch joins Dug Deep for another edition of Live DiRT in the KDRT studio, Thursday, May 10th, at 4:00 p.m.  Al’s songs are about standing up to the powers that be in our society, and they come across in a unique blend of punk, old-time string-band music, and American and European folk.  His latest album is Circle Round the Signs on Bloodshot Records.  Al Scorch and his band play live at the Odd Fellow’s Hall in downtown Davis that same evening.

Didar Singh Khalsa visits Listening Lyrics this Friday May 11, 2018 at 4:00PM

Listening Lyrics is proud to present Didar Singh Khalsa. Didar Singh Khalsa has played guitars for 52 years but only six years ago started writing songs, singing and recording them. Inspired by six consecutive trips to the guitar/songwriting camp taught by the amazing Richard Thompson. He claims the muse is relentless and not even very intermittent. Let’s test that theory.

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The Gold Souls visit Listening Lyrics Friday May 4, 2018 at 4:00PM

Vocalist Juniper Waller and percusionist Billy D. Thompson of The Gold Souls will be in the studio. The Gold Souls are bringing the driving grooves of funk, the rich textures of soul, and the compelling storytelling of the blues to the Northern California scene. With the dynamic Juniper Waller at the helm, the band combines their many influences to create a unique sound that rings true to the idioms that inspire them. Their recent efforts include the release and tour of their self-recorded and produced, eponymous EP in May of 2017. This release, while remaining an honest representation, is only the beginning of the band’s creative journey. Their full length record is set to release in Summer of 2018.

For those outside the listening area this show will be streamed live on KDRT 95.7FM

Let's get Punked, Dorothy Lane visits Listening Lyrics Friday April 27, 2018 at 4:00PM

Dorothy Lane is a Punk Rock n Roll band from Martinez CA. When brother-in-laws Nick and Lorin first met they realized they loved playing music with each other and could be found at any family party playing guitar or piano and singing. In early 2015 when they both found themselves without a band to play in they made the decision to form a band together. Neil, the drummer, heard from a friend who saw a post on facebook that the band was looking for a drummer. He contacted Lorin and after playing together it was a perfect match. Neil brought his long time friend Greg on to play bass.

Early 2017 Lorin packed up and moved to Portland OR. The band agreed to call it quits and look back fondly on the times they had. Later that same year Lorin decided to make the move back to Martinez CA. When Nick heard Lorin was coming back he instantly wanted to get the band back together. Recording started on the Cut & Dry EP and once the band was back together .

Nick and Lorin’s other brother-in-law, Tony, was brought on to play bass for the band. Tony, who had never played bass or even played in a band, had been learning to play guitar and would always hang out with Nick and Lorin during those family get togethers. Tony had about 2 months to learn the songs for their first show together and nailed it.

..............The band is now booking shows and working on new songs their first full length album. 

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