Album of the Week for 03/09/17: "The Lion's Roar" by First Aid Kit

The conversation went like this:

Me: What do you guys want to play on Album of the Week this week?

C&D: (always the first request) Taylor Swift?

Me: No.

C&D: Can we do Lily and Madeline again, or do they have anything new?

Me: No. (Without checking. They had an album come out in February 2016 that flew way, way under my radar. I only checked after the rest of this post already happened) Would you be willing to do something by Neil Diamond?

C&D: No. We want some melodies. How about First Aid Kit?

Me: Done.

Divine Intervention Strikes - Mar 6

You can see from our Vinyl Vespers' selection that it's going to be an oh-so-happy time for this edition of Divine Intervention. We're cheating a little -- today's pick is actually so obscure, we can't find a picture of the cover. If only there were technology to create such an image... In any event, oh won't you please tune in for roots, rock, pop, punk... new music and more... 7-9p PT, on KDRT? Thank you kindly! 

Album of the Week (3/02) José González ~ In Our Nature

Sure, the song Heartbeats has 160M plays on Spotify even though it's 10 years old and Veneer is the album everyone first heard José González and his overdubbed crooning... well, except for me. I discovered In Our Nature (2007) first and whether that's the reason or not, it's still my favorite lp by this man. Swedish, you say? 

Thanks to a Facebook ad for the Mondavi Center in Davis, I will be seeing him perform with a 20-piece orchestra tomorrow night. Can't wait! 

Hope you join the warmup listen with me tonight for this episode of Album of the Week.


Preacher shares the joy of gospel music on Listening Lyrics Friday March3, 2017 at 4:00PM

Gospel music is very powerful whether a Christan or not. It is safe to say that most people, if not all love, this type of music because it is uplifting and inspiring to the listener. The purpose of “gospel” music is in the word itself; Gospel derives from the old Anglo-Saxon word meaning “good message” or “good news”. A song is sung with passion and belief from the singer that those that hear will be touched in a good and heartfelt way. Even the musicians have a part in the beat they play, it causes the listener to be impacted.

My hopes for you listeners is to help you find inside of you what I think we all have, a spirit. we are driven to be something. we are driven to be the best we can be. through the music & chat in my show, I hope to help you find in you the thing I strive for every day, my spirit. And you have it too, I will work to help you find it & show it to the world. As I say most nights before I go to sleep “we fall down... but we get up”. We can work together to get up & listen to each other & bring each other up.

If your not in the listening area this show is streamed live on

Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen visit Live DiRT Friday March 3, 2017 at 1:00PM

KDRT broadcasters Bill Wagman and Peter Schiffman, collectively known as the Folk Brothers, will host Washington D.C. bluegrass band Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen on Live DiRT at the KDRT studio.

Frank Solivan has built a reputation as a monster mandolinist and fiery fiddler and his original music has climbed to the tops of the bluegrass charts coast to coast.  His band, banjoist Mike Munford, guitarist Chris Luquette and bassist Jeremy Middleton, have been named International Bluegrass Music Association Instrumental Group of the Year in 2014 and 2016.  Their latest album, “Family, Friends and Heroes”, is a genre-stretching album that provides a generous glimpse into Solivan’s work, paying homage to his family members and featuring the picking of his closest musical heroes, including Del McCoury, Rob Ickes, Jerry Douglas, and Sam Bush.

Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen play at the Palms Playhouse in Winters, Friday March 3rd at 8pm.  Their latest release is “Family, Friends and Heroes” on Compass Records

PopeAlopes visit KDRT Friday Feb. 24, 2017 at 4:00PM

Pete and John of the PopeAlopes will be in the studio to talk about all things PopeAlopes including the Davis/Sacramento music scene in the 80's and 90's. We will also discuss the famed Olive Pit (ground zero for Davis music circa 1986-1989), in fact, the picture shown is the band in that studio. PopeAlopes was formed in 1985 by UC Davis students Pete Lohstroh, Steven Dueker, Robert Wurz and John Nelson. The band played dark, loud, reverb-drenched music with intertwining guitar arrangements like their trailblazing heroes in The Dream Syndicate and Thin White Rope. A series of demo recordings led to their first LP, An Adder's Tale, produced by True West's Russ Tolman. The band launched a US Tour and followed with other releases including Kerosene and Cavalcade. They also released and EP on Helter Skelter Records. After a lineup change saw drummer John Nelson leaving the band, they released 1999's Chrome Canary before disbanding in 2001. 2004 saw the release of the out take compilation Yolo County Line. Visit the PopeAlopes on Facebook at YouTube Channel has a few videos from local access and live in concert >

If you are not in the listening area the show will be streamed live on

Jazz After Dark February 21 2017

Tonight on Jazz After Dark: Some old-fashioned jazz orchestras and vocals, plus remembering Larry Coryell in the second half of the program.

  • Nancy Wilson
  • Woody Herman & His Orchestra
  • Count Basie & His Orchestra
  • Benny Carter & Oscar Peterson Trio
  • Lionel Hampton & Axel Zwingenberger
  • Rosemary Clooney With Bing Crosby
  • Fred Astaire
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Kenny Burrell
  • Larry Coryell -- 1974
  • Larry Coryell -- 1992
  • Larry Coryell -- 2004
  • Eriko Ishihara
  • Sue Palmer
  • Pat La Barbera & Don Thompson

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Divine Intervention Strikes - Feb 20

We'll be a little less scattered for this edition of Divine Intervention as our hearts and minds focus on sending positive musical energy to our sistren and brethren in Sweden. And, yes, Vinyl Vespers is packed and on it's way to the studio--a joy-y, rain-ful pick for a rainy, rainy, RAINy day. Do tune in, 7-9p PT, only on KDRT.