Laura Love visits Listening Lyrics Friday 2/16/18 from 4:00PM to 4:30PM

 We at KDRT are thrilled to have Laura Love visit us in the studio during her tour across the USA.  Laura Love is an award winning "folk-funk"  singer/songwriter/bassist who has been touring throughout the world since the early 1990s.  Laura has released 11 CDs on major and minor labels, she has performed at nearly every great music festival in North America and Australia, she has composed commissioned music for dance and theater productions and is a published author. Laura will be performing at The Palms in Winters, CA on Friday February 16, 2018.

For those outside the listening area Listening Lyrics is streamed live on KDRT.

One Health & Wildlife Talk (2/9/2018): Eri Togami and the Global Virome Project

This month's One Health & Wildlife Talk* guest is One Health Fellow Dr. Eri Togami. 

We will be discussing her path to the One Health Institute and her involvement with the ambitious Global Virome Project. We will also hear about her recent trip to Thailand where she attended the 2018 Prince Mahidol Award Conference.

Catch the live broadcast 12-12:30PM PST this Friday (Feb 9, 2018). 

*Justin Cox has moved up north to lead communications for SeaDoc Society on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest. Eunah Cho (Marketing & Development Coordinator for the One Health Institute) will be taking over hosting this monthly interview series on KDRT 95.7FM Davis. 

Album of the Week (2/7/18): King Krule - The Ooz

Album of the Week is King Krule's latest release "The Ooz"

King Krule (a.k.a. Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports, Edgar the Beatmaker, Edgar the Breathtaker, Lankslacks, The Return of Pimp Shrimp) is a prolific musical prodigy. His 2013 debut album "6 Feet Beneath the Moon" completely blew my mind. 4 years later, his 2017 album had just as strong of an impact. It may seem like a long break between album #1 and #2, but he's been producing music non-stop (just not as "King Krule"). 

The most distinctive quality of his music is probably his vocal delivery--it sounds almost slack-jawed, at a surprisingly low-timbre. You'd think this would make his lyrics sound garbled, but NO. His lyrics are at times odd, breathtakingly beautiful, mysterious, creepy, and every time I listen to the album I get hypnotized listening to him essentially talk-sing accompanied by trip-hop beats & shimmering guitar. 

Tune-in to the live broadcast 5-6PM tonight (2/8/18) to hear this gorgeous album in its entirety. Let it chill you out, bum you out, then lift you back up again.


Element Brass Band kicks of Mardi Gras on Listening Lyrics this Friday 2/9/18 at 4:00PM

Live in the studio some "elements" of the Element Brass Band will be in the studio. When Sacramento trumpeter Ryan Robertson traveled to New Orleans in 2010, he knew that he had found a new home and calling. He was fascinated with the local music and immersed himself in New Orleans’ rich culture. He quickly began working in several local brass bands. When Robertson returned to his hometown of Sacramento in 2011, he brought the music of New Orleans with him. He rallied some of Sacramento's top aspiring musicians, and the Element Brass Band was born! Robertson could not get New Orleans out of his blood and soon returned to the Crescent City to further his musical career, passing the bandleader torch to saxophonist Byron Colborn.

For those outside the listening area this program will be streamed live on KDRT at 4:00pm on Friday 2/9/18

Evan Daly performs for 2nd Friday ArtAbout at Armadillo Music - Broadcast live on KDRT Friday February 9, 2018 at 6:30PM

"If you want to define the live music scene in Davis its a very talented musician named Evan Daly. Evan has his own blues band but also is involved in other local bands covering a wide number of genre’s. Evan is actively involved in creating s space for budding and established artists to share their talents. Evan will be performing solo at Armadillo Music during the February Davis 2nd Art About. Music and the live KDRT broadcast starts at 6:30PM”

Wild Fox Radio Party

Frank aka Dr Doowop Fox

Wild Fox Radio Party begins Feb 13 at 10 AM

Hope you can join Dave and I as we begin our radio careers and steep our

selves in the KDRT airwaves "bringing you the best in recorded" and sometimes live


I stole "the recorded music" line from my  initial Mentor DJ Symphony Sid  Torin in NYC

back in the early 50's to mid 60's.

This radio show had its conception in the early 1960's when the jocks on air were playing programmed set lists. I told my friend and  music colleague Norman Bergen  that I wanted a free format radio show and that I would call it the "wild fox hour". Here it comes...........

A special shout out to Val Shively, from Upper Darby Pennsylvania for his dedication to keeping this music in the hands of avid collectors from All Over The World. Val has been the main source of roots Doowop music since the early 1970's. Google him. I plan to interview him in the near future. He one funny dude.

Samuel Sancho Nelson on Listening Lyrics Friday Feb. 2, 2018 4:00PM

Samuel Sancho Nelson is a 21-year old student at UC Davis from Sacramento. He has been playing guitar for almost 10 years, and singing for 3 years. For Samual, music is the one thing that lets him truly live in the moment and feel catharsis. While performing his main goal is to express the truest meaning of the song. Samual will be spending the whole hour with us so plenty of time for him to sing a few songs.

For those outside the listening area this program will be streamed live at