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Friday July 19, 2013 - RITA HOSKING is our guest


Rita Hosking sings about forest fires but it is her that is setting the folk music scene on blaze. Her new album "Little Boat" appeared as #7 on the folk music charts and her single "Parting Glass" as #3. So listen in this Friday as we spend an hour with Rita and her guitar.

"In scorching form" (UK Telegraph), Northern California's own Rita Hosking sings of forest fires, culture clash, demolition derbies, the working class and hope.  From major U.S. festivals to Bob Harris's BBC show, Rita is moving audiences around the globe with her stories in song and doubly sweet and sinewy voice, "a captivating performer," (R2 Magazine.)

Visit Rita at www.ritahosking.com


Listening Lyrics July 12, 2013 with NAT LEFKOFF

This past weekend I was invited to see and hear some live music at a new coffee shop in town. Nat Lefkoff was the first act and he blew me away. His vocals, lyrics, stage presence and a touch of mischief made him an instant must for this show. Fortunately I had an opening so get ready to spend an hour with Nat.

Nat will also be introducing his new CD.

You can visit Nat at http://natlefkoff.bandcamp.com

or his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nat-Lefkoff/

Listening Lyrics for 4 p.m. Friday, June 14, 2013 with EVAN DALY

This week we are thrilled to have Evan Daly with us for a whole hour. Evan is the music man of Davis. He is involved with the local music scene, including the band, THA DIRT FEELIN; he co-founded ROCKBAND UNIVERSITY, which takes teens to a new level as on-stage performers; and teaches music in Davis.

The one thing we cannot show you is Evans' awesome stage presence--he knows how to get the crowd involved while expertly slipping his fingers over his guitar, showing us some slick licks.

So join us as we hear and talk with Evan. 

Listening Lyrics - Special Guest Jonathan Record, May 24, 2013

Listen up Davis, your in for a treat with Jonathan Record. Jonathan Records is a newly established poet in the Sacramento community. Singing, storytelling, eloquent speech, acting, teaching, he combines it all in one through his unique gift of poetry. His teachings are inspirational and spiritually based to benefit all people as he centers his teaching around the knowledge of the heart and mind. Using his own personal story, he shares messages that he has lived. His faith as a Christian has helped him to come to the understanding that he has. He is an experienced minister, speaker, vocalists, teacher/youth mentor, musician. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bethany University. He is social, relational, and intellectual. He is bilingual in Spanish and English and has had much cross-cultural experiences traveling Latin America.

listening Lyrics - Special guest Lauren Cole Norton. 5/3/13 at 4pm

Talk about a special guest. Listen now  - http://www.kdrt.org/node/12129. A singer supreme, a poet in the awesome category and an organizer extraordinaire (a la Davis flea market) that is Lauren Cole Norton. Just read some of the reviews-  “On time and timeless,” “mesmerizing”, and “the beginning of something great” have all appeared in reviews of Lauren Cole Norton’s music.

Listening Lyrics with special guest Chris Clark

Chris Clark will be our call in guest this week and we thrilled. We will be playing tracks from his new CD "CEDAR WISELY"

Jazz runs through the veins of this musician, which really shows when he is playing a saxaphone or behind a piano. Chris grew up in Davis, developing his talent in Davis High. he went on to earn his B.M. in Jazz Studies from the University of Oregon and his M.M. in Jazz and Improvisational Music from the University of Nevada, Reno. Currently he resides in Boston and performs on the east coast. Listen in for an in depth interview along with playing a few tracks from his CD and some music that has influenced him.

Chris can be followed on his web site http://cclarkmusic.com


Listening Lyrics with Ruby and the Emeralds

This week ( March 22 at 4:00PM) we will have the pleasure of having Tim and Ruby of Ruby and the Emeralds live in the studio.

Their sound is an integration of Ruby's Tex-Mex upbringing and musical heritage and Tim's deep folk, folk-rock and rock & roll influences. 

Many of Tim's tunes were composed in Mexico and weave Spanish language elements into verses and choruses, expertly interpreted by Ruby's native tongue. Their songs have a decidedly "Americana" acoustic instrumentation while reaching out towards a "world music" orientation in their use of percussion, horns and cultural touches.

Listening Lyrics with Steve Kotarek

If you are into the live music scene in Davis/Sacramento then this is a must show. Steve Kotarek a local singer/songwriter will be my guest for the full hour.

I heard Steve a week ago and his orginal songs cast a spell.

Yes this is what community radio thrives at - featuring great local talent.

This Friday at 4:00 PM on KDRT FM 95.7 or streamed at KDRT.org