Listening Lyrics Feb 28, 2014, with guest MOTHER FALCON

This Friday - LIVE - in the KDRT studio, MOTHER FALCON. The Austin Critics Table nominated the group as "Best New Ensemble" in 2011. Now in Davis, CA you have two opportunities for hearing this ensemble, at the Veterans Memorial and on KDRT 95.7FM. Both on friday 2/28/14. 

Mother Falcon began as a jam session among a group of high school cellists eager to break out of the classical repertoire that predominated their musical training. Since then, the band has evolved as an organic collective of classically trained young musicians determined to push their artistry into new musical territory.

Receiving as many accolades for their intimate chamber performances as for their electrifying club shows, Mother Falcon has crafted a signature soundscape by blending rock, jazz and hip hop rhythms with swirling horns and strings that alternately lead and support equally inventive vocal arrangements. In addition to violins, cellos, saxophones, and trumpet, the band includes piano, accordion, banjo, and bassoon.

Mother Falcon has worked with composers Jherek Bischoff, Graham Reynolds, and Peter Stopschinski, and has performed collaboratively with Amanda Palmer, Raul Midon, Tony Trischka, Ben Sollee, Kelli Scarr, Gary Lucas, and Christopher Cross, among others.

See the show at the Veterans Memorial Theatre 2/28/14, 8:30PM Ticket info at
More info about Mother Falcon at

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