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Interviewing the Eclectic Dinosaur

Four years ago, on Aug. 9, a Brooklyn-born retired steelworker named Lee Renault, a.k.a. The Eclectic Dinosaur, launched a music show on KDRT and has been going strong ever since. Why "The Eclectic Dinosaur?" It's all about the music--a very odd and diverse collection spanning probably seven decades, and full of hidden gems and musical trivia. So, it's eclectic, for sure. And much of it's old, so I think that makes Lee the dinosaur. ;)

Interview with Swami Paramanandji

During a brief visit and lecture series in Davis, the honored Mahamandaleshwar Yugpurush Swami Paramanand Ji Maharaj appeared on “Speakeasy, a local radio talk show on KDRT-LP 95.7 FM.

Hosted by Autumn Labbé-Renault, "Speakeasy" features "creative conversations for challenging times," and connects the local to the global through the power of low-power community radio.

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