Free-Form Music

Every night, hear 7+ hours of music to keep you company—awake, asleep, or somewhere in between—courtesy of your friends at KDRT. 

Replays Monday 12-7am, Tuesday 12-7am, Wednesday 12-7am, Thursday 12-7am, Friday 12-7am, Saturday 12-7am, Sunday 12-7am

This program has no archived shows.

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I would like it if I were able to continue listening while looking at other pages on your site...


i dig the sounds thanks much! One question though: is there a listing made from each show that will provide the artists names and the song we heard them do? I want to be able to check the artist out more. Is one made and posted? 





Most Sunday mornings I awake around 6:00 to great old big-band music on KDRT.  I don't know the name of this show, and it does not appear on your schedule.  Is there any was I can get a podcast of this show?  My mom would love the music--her era.



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